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The Biggest Trip to Hawassa (pt. 1)

There is something about traveling outside of Addis that just makes you say, “Ahhhhh…” with relief. As a young kid, the only places I’ve ever been to were, Harar, Dire Dawa, or Sodere. Recently though, I’ve been to so many places that I could blog about, but I didn’t really start writing then. Hehe. Ok.…… Continue reading The Biggest Trip to Hawassa (pt. 1)

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A Guide to Visitors

When visiting Ethiopia for the first time, if you are not from an African country, you will definitely be affected by culture shock. Some would be normal to you because you’ve probably heard a lot about them before. All of these are true, at least from my perspective, and they are also funny. I hope you enjoy…… Continue reading A Guide to Visitors

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If you live in Ethiopia, visited Ethiopia or maybe even just heard about great pastries in Ethiopia, you’ve definitely heard of Enrico. Enrico has been around for years making its way into every Ethiopian’s heart. I remember back when they used to serve ice cream there; they had the best vanilla and chocolate ice cream.…… Continue reading Enrico

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