About Suker

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Les Brown

Hi There! My name is Sara, and I’m an aspiring writer. 🙂

Well, not so much, recently.

I’ve owned this blog and wrote avidly for a few years while I was single and mingling. But ever since I got married, a new kind of “busy” took over. I’ve had a few ideas of posts but I never came through with it.

Now, finally after 3 years, I decided to make time for something I love very much. Motherhood, babies and food should be a good place to start. And maybe, just maybe, something great will come out of it, to help new moms and share ideas with each other.

I hope you enjoy my new blog, you can always check out my older posts too. They were fun! 😁

Thanks for stopping by.



16 thoughts on “About Suker

  1. It is great discovering your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like your writing style–simple and personal! We need more Ethiopian women voices like you in the blogosphere; lenegueru there aren’t enough Ethiopian men bloggers as well. 🙂

    Keep writing and I shall visit you every now and then … visit mine too when you get a chance!


  2. This is incredibly nice and I can’t just wait to spread the good news about this blog to my circle of friends around the world. Thanks so much Sara and remember; you are connecting ideals, feelings, thought and views from the head, down to the finger-tips and of course to the keyboard. This is what the world need and to be candid that’s what keeps my days going.

    Viva Sara.

  3. Hi Sara
    it is really great job , i hope and believe your web will be one of the top blog in near future , my Allah help you ,

  4. Hey Sara. Your blog is very interesting. I love how you you talk about everything and anything. Keep it up.
    Ps… How old is your cell pone?

  5. wow, sara me love it so much… specially the one u wrote bout Abadir, u brought all the good, amazing memories back to me. luv it!!

  6. The stars are farther away than the moon. Mr. Les Brown might have interchanged the two there. 😉 #AstronomicalFact
    Enjoying your posts!

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