Addis Photo

In my “favorite things to do” list, taking pictures comes amongst the first.

Here, I will post pictures taken by my personal camera of Addis Ababa and the places I go. I will be posting all sort of pictures- The good, The bad and The Ugly.

This is Ethiopia. This is what I see.


6 thoughts on “Addis Photo

  1. Nice pics.
    Wonderful collection.
    But…what if i was blind…and, thus, reading your blog through reader application?
    I wouldn’t know what pictures you posted.
    So, it is good to write a description on the images(that is, on edit image, then ‘alt+text’ space) for the future.

    By the way, search engines love text. Without text, your images won’t be available on Google images search.

    Keep it up.

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