Dear Bole Road Constructors

Hello there. Big visions you’ve got there, huh? I admire that. To change the most famous road into a boring one takes a lot of courage.

In the beginning, I sort of thought that you were doing a great job. You started off with one small portion of this amazing street and demolished it. I sometimes look out the window from my office and I watch silently as the excavator tears up the asphalt in one minute  which took years to perfect. But we all dealt because with every ruin, came alternative solutions. There were detours where needed and bridges built where necessary. Everytime, you managed to make it a little more convenient for the pedestrian. You even bribed us with inspirational quotes scattered around which made us a little less angry at you.

But this is starting to get a little out of hand. I have a few questions and maybe you can justify it for me and for the business owners around this street who complain daily about their dying business. Imagine that this will go on for 2 and a half years – or so you claim. And this is Ethiopia; I am not holding my breath. I – or anyone I know – don’t want to fear for my life everytimes I cross these cheaply made and scary shaky bridges. And I do not want to break a leg – or two – trying to walk on this ever so slippery mud every morning and afternoon. No, I don’t.

Question: Why did you wait until the rainy season to start the construction anyway? If you had started it back in September, by now, half of the street would be somewhat tolerable.

Cars and Taxi cabs have to go around the streets of Bole that I’ve never seen before and sometimes it makes me think whether I’m actually in Bole or not. If someone was to deconstruct a whole street, I would think that they would make the surrounding streets easily accessible.

Anyway, I beg you to make this road better for us, and soon.

Yours, (who’s else would I be)

Frustrated pedestrian.


3 thoughts on “Dear Bole Road Constructors

  1. Dear Sara
    You are not the only one affected by this, as i am living in Atlas Road now all the cars are using my street and also the landlord is having a wicked idea to raise the rent. I hope the bole road is finished up and leave us at peace.
    Sincerely overcrowded Atlas Resident.

  2. this geek always felt like an outsider whenever he trod those streets. good thing they are demolishing it 👿 and once construction is over, may there be nothing left to remind people of its past.

    “…took years to perfect…” Sorry, but I hardly think it was perfect.

    on the real though, i hear they are planning to finish in time for the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of OAU/AU. So hang on!

  3. i dnt think they kno wat they r doing. i thought they wud make an altrenative road b4 they started it. its funny how evvrything is going so far, they r digging every wer. my fingers are crossed to see this road finished and my question is wud it remain as it was b4 “bole road” wher people hangout in n out of their car, were people walk on side and so on?? i wish so!!

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