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Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!

The day is finally here. The day that we’ve been looking forward to celebrating since the New Year. The day when dudes spend all their money trying to impress their ladies with all the things they love: chocolates and lovey dovey stuff. The day when these ladies think that they are worth so much for these dudes. The day when the chocolate factories, flower stores, and build-a-bear double their production and rip people off.

Well, here in Ethiopia, it’s kind of a new trend that we’ve started to celebrate a few years back. Our girls will be wearing a skirt and top it with a cute red top/shirt/t-shirt. (I’m about 98% sure) Our guys are going to be wearing suits, (I’m serious), God only knows why. And flowers will be sent to offices or delivered by the guy himself. (I don’t think most people know about the teddy bear-effect here yet, only flowers.)

So, why am I writing about “valentimes day” (as some of my fellow Ethiopians call it) you say? Because I think it’s a total crap. And I’m not saying that because I’m single this time around. Yea, yea, I was a valentine’s day supporter last year, and the year before and the year before that, but hey, I’ve out grown it. 🙂

I really do think it’s a total crap. It’s an excuse for the over-worked rich-businessman to bring his wife flowers and chocolate and diamonds, reminding himself that, “hey, I have a wife back home.”

A lot of the “good-guys” I meet say that they don’t celebrate valentine’s day and that they would celebrate it 365 days a year, (lol) well, that’s cute and all, but let’s get serious. I’m really not going to see you 365 days a year; to be frank, not even half of that. I’m just saying, 365 days is a bit much, and valentine’s day is too little. I’m just saying, do it on a random day, like, “Hey, it’s Thursday! This flower shop just put out the fresh flowers, let me get that for wifey.” (Or something like that…lol)

To make my long story short, I won’t celebrate with a group of my single girlfriends like I did about 3 years ago and look desperate. I won’t be looking for a guy to spend the day with. I have work. I have an exam. It’s just a Tuesday for me. But, if you bring me flowers, I won’t reject it. And if you bring me chocolates, well, I’m a woman, and I love me some chocolates. 🙂 If you want. No pressure. Lol

For those of you who are supporters of this day, I went back and read some of the articles I wrote last year, dedicated to, what else, LOVE. I’m sure you’ll find something that will work for you. 🙂

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