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Forbidden Love (Pt. 3)

 Nee looked at the man who stood besides her and looked back at the two in front of her.

“Hey Ahmed, this is Tina and Mike. Guys, this is my husband.” She introduced her man to her ex-lover and ducked her head down.

“Hello.” Ahmed greeted the two. “Nice to meet you both.”

Mike just took his hand to shake, said nothing. He looked at Ahmed and studied him carefully. So this is the man who took my love away..? He looks fine, definitely rich. I hope her father’s happy. 

Tina shot Mike a look and turned back to Ahmed. “Nice to meet you too, Ahmed.”

Ahmed smiled, having no clue that Mike spent years with his wife. “I’ll go get the car, baby.” He took Elias from her hands and walked away.

“Excuse me guys. Let me say hi to the boys.” said Tina and ran over to the table with all of Mike’s friends and hugged them one by one.

Mike and Nee just stood still and looked at each other without a word. He still had his arms crossed across his chest and without her son on her arms, Nee contemplated on what to do.

“So…” Mike tried to get her to start talking. He stared at the woman in front of him. The woman he loved with all his heart until she was ripped away from his heart. She didn’t change much in the 5 years that he hadn’t seen her. She looked good for a mother of a 3-year-old too.

“So…” She replied without having another word to say.

“Anyway, please don’t disappear like this though…” He paused for a second. “Now that our significant others know each other too, can’t we…be friends…or something?” He asked.

“Or something…” Nee replied quickly. “We should definitely meet up soon, you know, catch up.”

“Yea?” He didn’t expect that answer. He looked at Tina for a minute, who was busy laughing with his friends. “So, can I call you?”

“You still have the same number?”


Nee laughed instantly. “You’ll never change that unforgettable number, huh?” She started to walk away as she saw her husband driving up.

“Well, I always thought you’d call one day.” Looked at Tina again. “I made an effort not to lose my phone all the time.”

Nee saw both times he looked over at his girlfriend and something inside her lit up. “So, I’ll call.” She said those words in a whispered tone which made Mike smile. He waved at her and Elias as she jumped into their fancy BMW.

Mike stood and watched as the car pulled away and disappeared into the traffic. He slowly walked back to the table and sat next to his girl.

“So, did you enjoy seeing the love of your life again?” Tina teased and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Did you invite her to the wedding too?”

His smile totally faded. Oh yea. The wedding. How did I forget about that? “No, I forgot.”

As he thought back and forth about the wedding and Nee, his cell phone suddenly vibrated. He took it out of his pocket and a big smile took over his face as he registered the words on the screen. “I can’t wait to “catch up” with you. ;-)”

To Be Continued… (I guess)

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