Ethiopia · Love · Short Story

Forbidden Love (Pt. 2)

Nee walked out of the coffee and stopped immediately. She felt her throat clump and couldn’t swallow. Her heart stopped and dropped to her feet. All kinds of memories swooped her off the feet without realizing it. Oh my God. It’s Mike.
She saw a group of guys next to him sitting outside the shop drinking soda. She recognized every single face.
“Oh my God, Nee!” One of the guys from the group called out to her, Teddy, she remembered. He was always one of her favorite guys in the crew. He got up instantly and hugged her tightly. “What the hell are you doing here? I haven’t seen u in years!”
“Yea! I know, right? How are you? I miss you so much!” She circled around the table hugging all the guys turn by turn, and at the end, she reached Mike, the love of her life.
“Hey Nee,” He said just as she came close. Oh my God, that voice.
“Hi Mike.” That was all she could manage for the moment. He came closer to hug her and she flinched for a second, but took the hug anyway. She held him so close that she could smell his familiar scent. She didn’t, couldn’t let go. Every memory they had together dove into her mind and she couldn’t help but smile. She remembered the first time she told him she loved him. She remembered the time she told him that she was getting married to a man she didn’t know. She remembered the six amazing months that followed that. Then, she felt something tug on her dress, her son.
“Oh, baby, come here.” She lifted her 3-year-old son to her waist and kissed him on the lips.
“Is this your son? What’s your name, buddy?” Mike spoke to the boy softly, removing cookie crumbs from his cheeks.
“Elias.” The boy mumbled out.
“What?! Really?” He looked at Nee in disbelief. “Why did you name him Elias, Nee?”
“No reason, MIKE.” She replied quickly and strongly. Elias was Mike’s best friend’s name. Since she couldn’t really name her son, Mike, she chose the next best thing. Mike knew that.
“Are you sure there isn’t a reason at all?” He crossed his arms across his chest and smirked like he always did.
“Oh no. Definitely none. Why would you think so?” She teased and laughed a little.
Suddenly, a beautiful, slender woman appeared next to Mike and hugged him across the waist and Nee felt another clump in her throat. “Sorry I’m late.” The gorgeous girl whispered into his ear.
“Hey! You’re finally here.” He put his arm around her neck and kissed her forehead. “Tina meet Nee.” He put his other hand over his head and scratched a little. “Nee and I went to college together.” Clump in the throat.
“Yea, Hi!” Nee took Tina’s hand, shook it gently and hated her instantly. Ugh, her skin is flawless; her body is amazing. I hate her for being with him. “Yes, we went to college together. We had no other relation what so ever.” She glared back at Mike.
“Nice to meet you. But, I’ve actually heard a lot about you. And I don’t think you guys were just friends.” Tina laughed. “Yea, he loved you. He’d never admit it but I can tell by the way he always remembers you and talks about you. He tells me all the time that he would have married you if you didn’t marry…” She trailed off as a tall man walked over and stood by Nee’s side.


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