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Pimp My Taxi

Now-a-days, thanks to MTV Arabia bringing all MTV [America] shows toEthiopia, people are actually advancing to some extent. Especially Minibus Taxis.

This is just great! You walk into a minibus or even the contract taxis and you feel like you are experiencing your own “Pimp My Ride!”

You jump from one taxi to another to find completely different designs. Some are very religious, posting religious pictures and quotes all over; some are sports fans European soccer fans.

Now, I don’t have a lot of pictures yet because I usually take the same taxis, almost all the time in the mornings, and other times, I just don’t have my camera with me.

Enjoy an episode of Ethiopia’s Pimped out Rides!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Along with pimping their rides, minibus taxis are making a statement with their Funny and Awesome quotes.

Amharic is funny, but you probably wouldn’t understand it if you don’t speak Amharic. [Sorry.]

These quotes are supplied by the one and only Bruk. [I don’t know him, neither does anyone I know.]

I look like a weirdo taking pictures in a minibus but what the hell… I do anyways. So here are some quotes, very nice and funny. Translate Please. 🙂


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