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I don’t have a Cool Title

I love writing!

I wonder how many times I said that throughout my blog?

Well, you know how crazy my imagination is. (At least my sisters do) I honestly just write as I’m thinking and hoping that when you read it, you hear my voice, reading it for you somehow, wherever you are.

I love writing! Especially, short stories. Short stories are the best because unlike anything else I write about, people can’t really complain about it. YOU can’t disagree with me. You wanna know why? Because I made it up. Ha!

My short stories come from my crazy imaginations and excessive daydreaming. Yes. Daydreams get me through the bad days. Actually, they get me through all days. I’m daydreaming in the taxi ride to and from work; I’m daydreaming while I’m on facebook; and I’m daydreaming while talking to you. (Sometimes. Sorry, it happens)

Most of the times, these stories are true. Sometimes, they are completely made up. Other times, true stories are manipulated to make them sound made up.

You can try to figure out which story is what, but you probably can’t. hehe.

I haven’t used a poll in my blog for a long time. Probably because you, my readers are starting to comment more than when I first started. For those who comment a lot, thank you; you’re words mean a lot to me. For those who just don’t read and don’t want to write a comment, here’s a little fun poll. (Poll is for everyone. 😉 )

Vote on these 3 short stories that I’ve written so far.


2 thoughts on “I don’t have a Cool Title

  1. you know what is funny about this post… i mean, not really THIS post, but when wordpress automatically generate “possibly related posts” .. here what it is “Twisted sex, serial killers, female victims, and creepiness”.. awesome right? lol…. it is not very related though 🙂

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