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5 Reasons Why Ethiopian Women Shouldn’t Wear Weave

Hair weave or extensions are becoming so popular in Addis. Sometimes, you can never tell, and you always say, “OMG, her hair is amazing!” Sometimes, the complete opposite, “What the…?”

Now, I have nothing against weave… sometimes however; they can really be hilarious, making you say things like, “you should NOT do that to your hair!”

I see girls everyday wearing all kinds of weave, and I just had to write about it. So this is my opinion on why Ethiopian women are just better off without them.

  1. The color of the weave is complete opposite from your own. Some girls have this funky style. Usually, the front is your own hair, cuz if you do attach weave in the front, it’s gonna be totally obvious. So how can you put blond weave and have black hair in the front? Looks kind of off to me…
  2. The weave is so silky and your hair is just…not! This goes with the first one. Since you don’t put weave in the front of your hair, the back is so silky and smooth and never gets messed up; but your own hair in the front, gets messed up from sweat and all…
  3. The braid or the thread is showing. So most of the time, the weave is sewed on to braids in your hair. These braids are not meant to be visible. Make sure next time, to cover it up, and change it often so the loose thread doesn’t show.
  4. It just doesn’t match your face. Simple as that; the weave is just not that into you.
  5. YOU ARE ETHIOPIAN! Ethiopians have good hair; that’s what we’re known for. So just rock it natural! Short or long…

[Note: Suker was not trying to harm anyone by writing this blog. <3]


8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Ethiopian Women Shouldn’t Wear Weave

  1. well said…one more point no offense but those “shuruba braids” “black n yellow” (song is waaayyyy cool e’r”) one after another like zebra skin YES!!! what are those? or is it just me going obsolete?

  2. most of those reasons can really be avoided.i am ethiopian and i am 14 and i know people who use weaves.

    1. nobody is going to get a weave a different collor and not dye the hair in the front either perm it or just straighten the hair in the front just have to make sure you get some one who knows howhow to do hair well.

    5. not alllll ethiopians have good hair.

    1. You know what I’ve learned from blogging? I’ve learned to not generalize completely… so thanks for your comment. BUT, here’s my suggestions…
      1. Don’t say NOBODY is going to get a weave that’s a different color, because maybe the people YOU know don’t do that, but I’ve seen a lot that are like that. And I said “Some girls” not all.
      2. Even if you straighten your hair, it won’t look exactly like the weave. But perm is a good idea.
      3. I got u on that one. So tell them that, not me. 😉
      5. Again, I didn’t say alllllll Ethiopians. There are always exceptions.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all weave is bad. I’ve met a lot of girls whom I thought had perrrrfect hair, turned out to be weave. So there are very good ones, who do a very good job, I have friends too that get their weave done perfectly.

      Appreciate the comment. 🙂

  3. You are soo right about the not matching faces part, i always wondered why…but I know that the reason I wear sew ins sometimes is because it grows my hair, FAST! I just get curly weave that matches my natural hair texture and no one ever notices the difference!

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