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Africa-Lions and Jungles

This would also be one of my favorite blogs.

So I really have a question to everyone living anywhere but Africa; do you really think that people don’t live in the AFRICAN CONTINENT?

I started reading a really cool book last night- Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho (smart man)- and one part really caught my attention.

“…She [Maria-main character] looked out to sea: her geography lessons told her that if she set off in a straight line, she would reach Africa, with its lions and jungles full of gorillas. However, if she headed in a slightly more northerly direction, she would end up in the enchanted kingdom known as Europe, with its Eiffel Tower, EuroDisney and Leaning Tower of Pizza…”

Ok, that sounded almost true; that IS what the people are learning in the Americas and Europe. But I really don’t think that that’s fair!

Don’t say, “come on, they don’t mean to ask about that; they’re just being funny,” or “I’ve never heard that before,” because I’VE BEEN ASKED THAT QUESTION MYSELF!

I might not remember exactly who asked me, but I can even quote my diary from my first day of school in New York.

“They all sat around me on the bus and started asking me all questions. One girl even asked me, “do you have a lion for a pet?” And another one asked, “Do you see giraffes and tigers running around in your backyard?””- Me

I’m gonna set the record straight once and for all.

  1. Yes, I’ve seen a lion—in the ZOO!
  2. No, I don’t want to have one as a pet though, maybe a baby tiger; they’re cute.:-)
  3. Africa is not a country—it’s a continent! There are 54 countries in Africa. Reference.
  4. Yes, there is a country called Ethiopia! It’s on the eastern Africa where the horn is…See it on your map? Right there! Yea, that one! I really wish you knew all the history behind Ethiopia… or maybe that would be another blog! AHA!
  5. Yes, Africa has buildings, swimming pools, Cadillac Escalades and Porches, universities, movie theatres and bowling alleys, beaches and GREAT FOOD!

Anyways, all of you should definitely come and visit Africa. You’d be really surprised, especially if you’ve never really heard anything about it.

BUT, on a funnier note: check this out. Don’t get offended, just laugh as you read. 😉 Fun African Facts!



10 thoughts on “Africa-Lions and Jungles

  1. This blog made me laugh.. really funny and it reminded me of what one student asked me when i was in India..

    Student: Where are you from?
    I: Ethiopia
    Student: Is that in South Africa??.. 🙂
    I: Yes.
    (Every Indian knows south Africa because of cricket)

    1. LOL! hahaha. that’s the first time I heard that! they always asked me where Ethiopia was, and Americans usually said, “is that around India?” cuz they used to think that I was Indian!

    1. I know! and funny how a lot of Africans think that everywhere else is better than Africa! I don’t even want to visit those European countries anymore! I want to see Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Cote D’Ivoire!

  2. I think this time nature is acting as a geography teacher, teaching where each and every country is residing coz’ they may need a better place to skip from tsunami and volcano…

  3. My cousin convinced a gitl he had a pet cow
    Some people are too ignorant its funny sometimes.
    And i think 11 minutes is a great book as well

  4. This is exactlly what is happening to me! i have once been asked if i lived in a cave with lions. loll i was pissed off at that time but now i am getting used to it. it show how little they know. loll ❤ it.

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