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Blogging is the best way that I’ve been able to share my ideas and view about several topics so far. Usually, my blogs are as entertaining as they are informative (in some ways). It’s not until I attended an amazing discussing with fellow bloggers that I felt, somehow, powerful with having a blog.

March 5th, 2011 marks the date that I, for the first time, felt like a part of something bigger than myself.

I attended a small but cozy event called Digital Identity Ethiopia Forum. This event was mainly directed to bloggers in Ethiopia and how much we contribute in each of our respective environments or so.

Did you know that there are only about 12 bloggers in the whole of Ethiopia? (Ethiopians residing abroad not included.)

Well, for me, this means 2 things.

1.       The internet service is so horrible and/or there’s no access to internet at all.

2.       People are just too scared to express their feelings/ideas/opinions to the mass media. (This must be true because almost everyone has a facebook page in Ethiopia right now, so don’t deny it. 😉 )

I mean, we’re all scared to some degree. Ethiopian people in general, I think, (including me) don’t really take criticisms very well. We get offended/hurt/attacked sometimes. I would understand. Last time, when I wrote about my Harari Community and what I honestly thought about it, I got a lot of mixed feelings. The younger generation agreed and was happy that I wrote that, and some others felt unhappy about it and I got a lot of criticisms. That was the first time that I had to step back for a second and say, wait, shouldn’t I have said that? And maybe I took it to heart a little and got hurt but then I realized that I shouldn’t feel like that. So, I take that as a constructive criticism, as it can make me a better writer and a stronger woman.

Anywho, back to blogging. Hehe.

So basically, personally meeting Markos, Endalk and Daniel, (our Ethiopian bloggers) I really felt like I’m a part of some kind of community.

And when Geraldine asked us if we maybe felt like Ambassadors to our country, I felt good. I mean, really good.

Don’t you want to express your views and be heard?

Don’t you want to be a part of the change that we should bring to our country?

I mean, we are the future of Ethiopia. If the youth doesn’t start taking charge, then who will?

Think about it.

Ok. About ME.

As you might have realized so far, I’m a free writer. I mean, I write about anything and everything that interests me at the moment.

Reasons why I love Blogging

  1. I loveeee writing exactly what I’m thinking. As you read my blogs, you can feel like you’re listening to me speak. (At least I think you do. 😉 ) Everything I put on this blog is exactly what’s going through my mind and exactly how it’s sounding. People write about their journey through life, politics and some write about all things fact. I love being able to write about MY opinion and nothing else.
  2. For the comments of course. I like reading what people have to say about my writing. Whether I rock or I suck, I wanna know your point of view.
  3. Entertainment. So unlike other bloggers who have a strict point of view and specific facts, I want to write for the happiness of my readers. Whether I’m writing about love or life and what I think about it, I wanna think that my readers are smiling as they read along.

So I found where I fit in the Ethiopian Blogging community.

David writes about his cool and fun journey in Ethiopia.

Endalk and Daniel are almost all politics and democracy, make you think again about what you know.

Markos is about everything but he’s a technology expert in my eyes, so some of his blogs are about technology in Ethiopia & are awesome.

I prefer to write mostly for my ladies and just to entertain people in general. I don’t write about complete facts but my own opinions and views. This is the entertainment section amongst your local people. Laugh or be gone. 😉 lol

No, I’m kidding. Stay. hehe.

And for my strict followers, I love u all. It means a lot. ❤

websites you might like to check out: (the group user in Ethiopia) (the container 😉 ) (cool social network) (design n advertising ) (the German blogger)

6 thoughts on “Ethio-Bloggers

  1. I like that you write about random things.
    I have a hard time putting my thoughts to words.
    Hopefully i’ll join the blogging world soon.
    Keep this up

    1. thanks.
      But, you’d be surprised how much you can write once you open that Word Document and just start typing anything!
      You are always welcome to join us.

  2. so i may be biased writing this comment since you’re my little sister ‘n all…. but I don’t like all that seriousness all the time. I mean, technology is cool so I may appreciate the tech blogger, but politics…. eehhhh not really interesting to me. so the way I see it, u must be the best blogger there! 🙂 Not to mention I love, absolutely love all that you write. Even if I don’t agree with everything you write, hey…it’s just a matter of opinion. After all, you are writing an opinionated blog…;-) Keep doin’ yo thang sis… I’m behind you 2000000%….

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