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(I just wrote this right now, and I’m tearing up like crazy!! You’re at the office Sara, get it together.)

On the spirit of Women’s Day, I have to write a very special blog. This one is completely dedicated to my mother and I guess you can all dedicate it to your mommies as well.  🙂

Dear Mom,

On January 5th 1989, exactly at 10 am, you brought me to this planet. You introduced me to a new world, which would soon be my home. Everyday since, you have carried me on you back  and raised me like a mother should.

You fed me the best of the best and dressed me like a princess.

You carried me on your back and I can’t imagine how frightened you were when I slipped a little.

I heard how you ran barefoot to get to me when my sisters told you that stupid piece of bread was stuck in my throat.

I love how you always hold me close to your heart.

I know how much you must have prayed for me to come back home when I was in New York.

With all the positive things coming my way right now, I know none of it would be possible without Allah on my side and your daily prayers.

Mom, I don’t know how to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. People now-a-days can’t handle 3 kids and you raised 7 of us.

7 of whom you raised carefully without any holdbacks.

I know how you still hug me and hold me close to your heart like a little baby. I love it when you do that.

Mom, I love you will all my heart, till the day I die.

I don’t know how I will ever repay you for all your kindness, your love, your heartache.

If I ever become half the woman that you are, I would be the happiest woman on Earth.

Anyway, I just want to tell you how much I miss you right now. I hope my sister is happy that you are with her.

And happy Women’s Day. 🙂

Love Always,




7 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Just don’t take it for granted that she’s near you everyday. That u can see her every night. There’s not a mother like her. She’s the best a mother can be. Just like u, without her everyday, tireless prayers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She has an advice and example for every situation. She makes the best genfo I ever had. I miss her everyday that I’m not with her. 😦

  2. aw that really touched my heart..
    I miss my mommy :/ saru atleast you get to see your mom EVERYDAY, thats a blessing!

  3. This is beautiful…go job Sara. Melik is a close friend of mine and we went to AAU with Nebat and now I know why are so smart. I think it runs in the family.
    I saw my mom’s recent picture with my kids and nieces last night my wife brought back from home last week in somewhat long time. I thought she was not going to get older, but I broke down in tears. I have made a promise to myself that it would be my first priority to bring her to us for a visit or I go myself and visit Ethiopia after 12 years.

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