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The Hottest New Accessory in Addis

If you know me, and you know me well, you’d know that I have a lot of bad-hair days.

Usually, on these kinds of days, I either go with my favorite hat, or a  cute scarf.

Everyone always asks me, “Why are you wearing this thing in such a hot day?”

And when I tell them that I’m having a bad-hair day, I get 2 different responses.

Man: “Then why don’t you get it done?”

You fool; if I had the time, don’t you think I would?! 😛

Woman: “Oh yea, I know what you mean…”

You’re always on my level! 😉

Anyways; even though these are the responses I usually get, most people don’t really tell me what to actually do with the bad-hair days without damaging it. I know that I’m killing my hair by wearing hats and scarves all the time, but what could I do to spice it up.

Then, I found something awesome. EZ-Comb.


EZ-Comb is the most stylish and best hair accessory that I’ve come across in my 22 years dealing with hair. Lol

It offers over a dozen different styles in just one hair band. I can do about 8 or 9 different styles on my own hair and some even do more. This EZ-Comb comes in so many different colors and styles that you would not get enough of it.

When I first met this EZ-Comb, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, one tiny hair band, over a dozen styles? Let’s get real.

But once I tried it out, I couldn’t stop using it. I went to work and sat with my co-workers showing them all different styles that I learned. To this day, all those ladies keep asking me for more and more of the Combs.

Once you get the hang of it, it is awesome!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can dress it up for a special occasion, or just dress it down with your favorite pair of jeans. It is even perfect for brides maids as they can color coordinate it with their dresses and. It. Looks. Gorgeous!

For more info and/or to order, please call +251-911-248-410 or +251-913-101-461.


9 thoughts on “The Hottest New Accessory in Addis

  1. Oh wow that really does seem too good to be true! I’m ready to go search for one myself lol. Thanks for sharing those examples, looks great!

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