The Power of “Thank You”

[This is an honest to Allah, true story. Don’t get it twisted.]

On a Thursday, March 03, 2011, I woke up bright and early at 6am. Other days, I would hit the snooze button everytime my alarm shouted, but today, today was different. I just pressed the stop button and hopped out with no hesitation. I was feeling good.

Yea my tummy hurt a little, but that’s no reason to be in a bad mood. I also only have like 20 birr in my wallet but that’s also no reason to be sad. I’m gonna have a good day today.

I saw a taxi stopped right in front of my street and hopped in the front seat. A couple of minutes later a little boy, maybe about 11 or 12 joined me. He wore a torn up shirt and a huge, idontknowhatyoucallit sandles? Kinda shoes. He dug in his pockets for money but I guess he didn’t have it or something. He looked sad. I looked in my wallet; a 10 birr and a few 1 birr floated.

Oh what the hell. I took out 2 birr and handed it to the guy. “Hulet sew.” (For two).

The kid was so grateful; he thanked me a million times and he got off.

After a little bit, I got off on my normal stop and got on another taxi. An elderly man sat next to me and 2 others in the back. He paid 2.25 birr to go to Zewditu Hospital; he didn’t know where that was. He kept asking us on every stop if he was there yet and everyone just kept saying no. When we got by the hospital he just sat there because he didn’t know where it was. I told him that he was there so he thankfully got off. I just smiled.

Finally, I got off by my office and started walking. A very tiny girl for her age, carried a bunch of papers from the bank and struggled walking. She was definitely older than me; but she was so small. I felt really bad that every man just passed by her side without looking over once. I asked her where she was going and she said ECA, so I offered to take some off her hands. She was hesitant because she felt bad for me, but I gladly took a bunch and started walking with her. We had a nice conversation about work and everything else. I walked with her all the way to the office and I can see that she was grateful. I just put the papers down on her desk and walked out with a bunch of thank you’s. Funny thing is, we didn’t even ask for each other’s names. Loll

I felt so good just cuz I helped a few people today. It put me in an even better mood.

Now, my tummy was hurting again; I need tea.

I got some and sat at my desk, happy. I looked in my wallet again; 10 birr. Great.


Irony: My sister showed up at my work place a couple of hours later and asked to buy me coffee. I went and she just handed me a couple of 100 birr…


3 thoughts on “The Power of “Thank You”

  1. Loved it.. It is a reminder of how small things that we do for random people can really brighten up their days and ours as well. The power of “Thank you” also works a miracle on the reverse when we say it. Don’t you think so??..

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