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8 Simple Reasons Why I Need a Car in Addis

My dear friend, David Kirba, has written very nice and detailed reasons why he needs a car in Addis. I loved it! I think it was one of the best blogs he has ever written and also very unique. (Kinda kicked myself for not thinking about it first. Lol [Just kidding DK])

With his permission, and without stealing his title, I will introduce you to 8 simple reasons why I, Sukergirl, need a car. (This is no application for my family to get me a car, but if you decide to do so, please, feel free. 😉 )

Alright, here it goes:

Reason #1: I am a woman. Strong and composed, but it’s no reason for any man to feel free or maybe even obligated to hit on me. I can definitely testify for all my ladies that these men here are out of control. They’re always whistling and hollering; it’s starting to get a little irritating now. It’s funny sometimes because they ALWAYS have something to say! Some jokes get old, but these guys, they’re really good. (Sometimes, it’s not even only men who comment.) These are some of which I’ve heard over the years:

  • Ere kena bey. Ateferi. (Don’t be shy; look up.)
  • Chamash kanchi belay yamral. (Your shoes look better that you.)
  • Menetseresh zenab metregia yelewem? (Don’t your (sun) glasses have a (windshield) wiper?)
  • My favorite one though: Setamri! (You’re so pretty!) (I thought this was hilarious because it was this little girl on a school bus who shouted out of the window!)

Obviously, I’ve left out some very derogatory ones that I thought were a little too much for my innocent blog but, it is what it is. This verbal harassment isn’t going anywhere. So, getting a car would definitely help.

Reason #2: Again, I’m a woman. I carry a lot of JUNK. I know I don’t use any of the things in my bag as much as I think I do. Matter of fact, I never use any of the stuff in my bag. It’s just that ONE day I decided to take them out of my bag, and boom; I need them.

  • Lotion: I used to leave an extra one at work so I never needed the one in my bag. I decide to leave it at home maybe on the weekend and Lyra might need some lotion, and I don’t have it.
  • Tylenol: It needs to be in my bag at least a week/month. Whenever I take it out, I forget to put it back in and I don’t have it when I REALLY need it.
  • A book: I try to carry one all the times; then I realize that I don’t read it much because I’m always on the computer at work so I leave it home. And maybe because of traffic, I stay in the taxi for over an hour and miss that book.

Anyways, back to my reason why I need it—for my junk! Sometimes my back hurts because of it. Also, I usually use my left shoulder for my bag so it’s always hurting. So a car would remove some of the burden.

Reason #3: I can wear whatever shoes I want! (I just didn’t want to start with I’m a woman again. Lol) I can wear heels because I wouldn’t have to walk so much. I don’t have that many flats or sandals to wear to work because my college years were survived with Converse All-Stars and now I’ve got about 7 heels and I can’t walk fast in those. I do, usually, put the heels in my bag until I get to work, but that just adds to Reason #2 and you know what that was about!

Reason #4: I can actually start to go to the gym after work and not worry about how I’m going to get back home. Obviously dad isn’t going to come and pick me up at 8pm, and I definitely ain’t taking the taxi either. This can even work when it comes to hanging out with friends. I can chill with them past 5pm; because it would take me an hour to get home, and if I’m a bit late, you know how mommy and daddy get.

Reason #5: TAXI! I would stop using taxi! It sucks to get out of work at 5:30pm, which automatically makes me 30 mins late to get home. On top of that, I have to enter a war of getting into a taxi with 30-40 people. Men are generally stronger than us physically, no matter the age, and they are just careless. They would squish us if they have to. Some of the body odor is just unbearable. I don’t have to face the abuse from the taxi drivers to pay extra, just because they think that they can. I don’t have to listen to loud and unwanted music that the driver thinks I should listen to. (I have a lot to say about taxi; watch out for my “Best and Worst experiences with Taxi” blog.) If I had a car, this was one of the first things I’d be thankful for.

Reason #6: I wouldn’t have to get out of my car when picking up pizza from ‘Yummy’, burger from ‘Angla’ or ice cream from ‘Bilo’s’. I can sit in the comfort of my car rather than in the windy outdoors or the noisy indoors.

Reason #7: Let’s just say, I’d look better in a car than walking or taking a cab. 😉

Reason #8: I would actually contribute more to this family.

  • I would pick up some groceries from the supermarket.
  • I would pick mom up from a wedding/some social gathering.
  • I would pick up my sisters’ kids from school; maybe take them for ice cream on Sundays.
  • I would get to many places quickly.

There you have it; my list of reasons why I (and almost every woman) need a car in Addis.


8 thoughts on “8 Simple Reasons Why I Need a Car in Addis

    1. haha. who knows… you’ve probably pushed me once. 😉 just kidding. i honestly don’t get pushed much… i fight just as hard.
      i remember one time, we all fought and most of us who got in were girls, and one of the guy turned around and he was like, “damn! what are you ladies eating these days?!” loll

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