Why Do Women Talk So Much??

Ok, I know I haven’t written anything in a while but, I’m back with a very, very exciting new topic. 😀

You can even tell from the title that I’m going to be talking about WOMEN and why we talk so damn much! Now, I haven’t done any research and what not cuz if I did, I’m going to start shifting into another mission for my life—studying women—and I feel like I already have too many missions on my list already.

I’ll start you off with a story of when I was about 14 or 15-years-old. (This happens to me all the time but this time was a little specific.)

It was a very nice summer evening in Virginia at my aunt’s house. I always used to go there for the summer time. Usually, I meet with my nieces, Sara and Rani, and we’d hang out with my cousin, Sara. (I know, they both stole my name!) lol However, this summer was different. There was a soccer tournament going on within the Harari Community so there were a lot more people to join us. Our other cousins, Mawerdi and Binnet joined and also more cousins for western America (forgot the state). It’s so funny because, all I remember from those days, were the night conversations that we had. We literally would stay up all night till 4-5am talking about everything that we have been faced with and only a few stories come to mind.

I remember, the first time I’ve ever heard of the movie “SAW” was when they told me that one night. (They ruined the whole movie for me by telling me that the villain is the man lying in the middle of the room; normally I don’t care when people ruin random movies for me, but this movie became one of my favorites so I never forget that.) I also remember we talked about talking in our sleeps and how we’ve encounted with people who do. All of a sudden, one of our girls (who I won’t mention her name 😉 ) had fell asleep and right when we were talking about that, she got up; said someone’s name, and fell back on her pillow. (The creepiest moment in my life).

Alllllright. Back to my point.

Why do we talk so much? And how come men don’t?

Ok, well, I don’t know about why men don’t; but I can tell you why women do.

One Word. Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a chemical that is produced in our body when we start talking. As we talk more, it keeps spreading throughout our whole body and makes us feel good, and really comfortable. So we keep on talking more and more.

Men don’t feel this way. They don’t even like talking so much with each other.

Here’s a scenario.

You and your bestfriend decide to go on a double date with your boyfriends. You get the café or whatever and you and you friend start having this whole conversation that the men don’t know anything about; and you keep going and going.

Your boyfriends, they’ll just sit there and stare at nothing in particular, having small talks.

“So, did you watch the game last night?”

“Yea, Arsenal was great!”

“I know.”


“Another round?”

“Oh, sure.”

And the conversation goes on. But the women keep on talking and talking as they keep releasing that chemical from their systems.

Now, I learned this while attending a training session on Women Preparing for Leadership program. (The trainers gave a similar scenario; I just changed it up a bit.)

The reason why I wanted to write about this is the fact that this thing was made clear again on a book that I was reading. Here’s a little paragraph from the book about the how/why girls talk:

…That’s what your girlfriends are for. You lay out your problem and she’ll commiserate with you—give you all kinds of “yeah, girl” and “I know that’s right,” and nod and agree and tell you stories about how the same thing happened to her…

…Exhibit A: (Woman and her friend)

You: “I walked into work today and before I could get to my desk, I saw Tanya walking over to the coffee machine and wouldn’t you know that girl had on the same shirt as me?”

Your girlfriend: “You better stop it! Which one?”

You: “The blue one—you know, the one with the orange flower print? I got it from that store across town?”

Your girlfriend: “You mean the one you found on the $29.99 rack in the back….

You: “That one!………Can you believe it? Do you know how that made me feel?”

Your girlfriend: “Aw, hell to the nah….That’s horrible. She’s got some nerve…”

…Exhibit B: (Woman and her man)

You: “I walked into work today and before I could get to my desk, I saw Tanya walking over to the coffee machine and wouldn’t you know that girl had on the same shirt as me?”

Your man: “Really? Don’t wear it anymore.”

… Excerpt from “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” by Steve Harvey. (Must-read)

Basically, what I’m saying is, I finally understand why men are never interested in some of my stories. But guys, you should understand us too. Talking a lot is in our nature. And ladies, you all need girlfriends to vent. Don’t overburden your men.

Now comment away… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Why Do Women Talk So Much??

  1. Well i guess why woman talk so much goes way back in the stone age. women used to stay at the cave all the time, then u guys discuss how to handle things ladies stuff, baby stuff, the house stuff blah blah, on the other hand guys will be hunting, and doing stuff like that, well to hunt, there wont be so many discussion, we do more practical stuff which needs less discussion.
    well for us its not that we are not that interested with your issues its just we aren’t that so attentive to small details, remember how u tried to match your wardrobe, we have small wardrobe to worry about. we give more attention to our gadgets and toys. we believe our accessories have more place in our lives.

  2. you are a good blogger i admire that ,,, but u know we have to be reALLY REAlly careful about what we are saying about the generral community and sorry but i think i can say that ” both man and women may talk or may not talk ” and i wish if this could be one way to see what we say before putting it on web,,,,

    And for your surprise:
    Both women and men release oxytocin during lovemaking – but not only is oxytocin released during orgasm, it appears to be responsible for causing orgasms in …

    Oxytocin and vasopressin are the only known hormones released by the human … have found increases in plasma oxytocin at orgasm – in both men and women. …
    correct me if this is to the contrary,,, the way we say things and the more we reapt them and talk about them we are going to inherit them. so ,,,,,,
    Thank you!!!

  3. and u know what for my exhibit i have a lot male friends and everytime i end up listening their conversation all the time and i talk a little ,,,its not becouse men talk too much and girls dont ,,, is it,,,,? i really do think so,,, i really do disagree with your last conclusion,,, even but if u want to conclude like that ,,,u need to research ,,, not follow the hearsay styles ,,, i am looking forwRD TO HERE FROM YOU ,,,SARA

    1. sorry to comment so late.

      well, as you probably read in the beginning, i said that i didn’t do any research on this but i just attended a few workshop given by PhD holder counselors so I didnt really research too much after that. i know that both men and women produce oxytocin but women apparently also produce that when they talk/open up…or so i’ve heard. anyways, these are not complete facts but more of my opinion and MYY conclusions.
      I do know a looott of men that talk way too much and women that don’t talk at all, but I’m not speaking about EVERYONE on the planet. Mostly though, from my experience, this is what I’ve witnessed. 🙂
      hope that’s a good argument. 🙂
      really appreciate your comment!!

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