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Valentine’s Day Breakdown

As Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer by the minute, I wanted to take a moment to share with some of you what I think might transform this Valentine’s Day. Also because, I might not be able to post anymore before the big day, but shhh, don’t tell anyone that. 😉

This idea came to me when I was searching articles on google about Valentine’s Day. I came across a page for the elderly people or something (lol) and it said that each day they would post an article about each letter on “Valentine’s Day”. And I said, perfect, made up my own, and called it Valentine’s Day Breakdown.

I searched for words that begun with each letter and chose what I thought were appropriate to me as a fun blogger and as a young woman.

Here it is, everyone. Please comment and let me know what you think. 🙂

V- Visualize how the day would go. Whether it is going to the movies, grabbing dinner or just chillin’ at the house, visualize how everything should be. Imagining it might be better than planning, as plans may not go as planned.

A-Allow his/her input. Ask your better-half how they want to spend Valentine’s Day; you don’t want to disappoint them on the big day.

L-Love more. Give as much as you can to receive all that you want. Loving your person more today may mean different things. Maybe you might need to call them more; maybe you need to spend more time with them, anything.

E-Engage in the moment. Commit fully to your moment/day with your loved one. Set other things aside, even if you have to turn off your phone for the day.

N- Night. Now, night time is the best time to be with the one you love. It kind of sets the “mood” for the whole thing. If possible, try to plan a night-valentine’s day. No matter what the vision is, it would definitely be better at night.

T-Take her somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe out of town where noooo body knows you….  😉 That might give some of you some kind of freedom to do whatever you want.

I-Interesting is the word. Everything you do should be interesting to the other person. Don’t do something just for them though, you have to be interested too.

N-New. Trying new things just keeps your relationship fresh. Always.

E-Express your love in gifts. I usually don’t care much for gifts because I believe that just being together is enough. But, some chocolates or maybe flowers won’t hurt, right?

S-Simple. Don’t complicate this day. Some people are bombarded with the whole idea of “Valentine’s day” and they the tend to complicate things. Don’t. The simpler the date, the easier it is, and eventually, the happier you both are.

D-Dance. On a normal day, just you and your loved one, have you ever danced? Probably not. You might have danced at your sister’s wedding or even a party or a club. But just the two of you, with a slow music in the background should dance when no one is actually watching. It’s perfect.

A-Admire what is in front of you. Tell your partner why you love them again. Admire physical, or any other things about them. I know how good it feels to hear it once in a while. 😉

Y-Yearly, Yours. LOL make sure you refer to this list yearly and make it happen. J Also, know that this person who is with you is YOURS, so you can basically do whatever you want.

Well, there you have it. I hope this list, maybe freshens up your big day, or even your whole love life. 🙂

This list was fun. 😀


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