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Forbidden Love (Short Story)

She sat next to him on their bed and looked over at him. She’s definitely in love.

She looked at his milky Ethiopian skin. Flawless.

She knew that he was the one man she couldn’t stay away from.

She studied the way he stared into nothing in particular; his eyes frozen in time. He touched his lips lightly with his finger and she could tell that he wanted to say something.

“Say it.” She demanded trying not to be too forceful.

“There’s nothing to say.” He finally looked over at her. “I guess we just have to enjoy the time that we have left together, right?

She smiled.

That’s the answer she wanted to hear but did not expect.

When she told him that her father had arranged a marriage for her and that she would be married in 6 months, she thought he would walk out on her. To her surprise, he didn’t. Nee and her boyfriend have been at the peak of their relationship. They spent every day with each other-going to the movies, eating at different restaurants, holding hands and kissing whenever they wanted.

Even before they began their relationship, they both knew it wasn’t going to last that long. He was a Christian; she was a Muslim. Neither one was going to budge on that. They always tried to avoid a conversation about religion for the sake of their relationship.

Nee and her boyfriend have known each other for about six years, but they’ve only been together for two. Their relationship went from being just friends to best friends and once, to friends-with-benefits. When she finally confessed her love to him a couple of years ago, she caught herself by surprise. He was not the type of guy she usually dated, let alone fall in love with. For one thing, he was a year younger than her. Secondly, he was that careless guy who never took things seriously.

But when he said he wanted to give the relationship a chance, she was caught by surprise, again.

And ever since, their relationship has been a nice rollercoaster. They had their good times, their great times, and even some bad times. They’ve been through so much for her to give up now.

But the arranged married caught both of them off guard. She never thought that she would accept anyone who came through her father, but there was no room for negotiation. This guy she had to marry was squeaky clean-didn’t have a bad reputation and had all the money in the world to offer her and her father. Her father’s argument, however, was “You are old enough now, Nee! This is your time to marry. You are 24 years old; you refuse this guy, and you will never get married. Opportunity only knocks once.” She tried and tried to make him change his mind but it was either marriage or she was to be kicked out of the house. She finally accepted; feeling defeated.

Now, she held her man’s face between her two hands and kissed him passionately. She wanted that moment to last forever. She felt so alive with him. As she kissed him, her future with that strange man, she is soon to call her husband, flashed before her eyes.

She didn’t want it, but she had no choice.

After a couple of minutes, she pulled back a little. She still held him close.

“OK.” She finally replied to him.

She only had 6 months with the love of her life…


10 thoughts on “Forbidden Love (Short Story)

  1. Sad 😦 😦 😦 Why can’t two people who love each other stay together??? Isn’t love more important than the rest of the B.S.?????? 😦 😦

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