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Why Valentine’s Day (co-written by Sara K.T.)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on February 14th by….well, lovers. 🙂

It’s a day when you show love and affection to your partner by presenting gift cards, flowers and chocolate, also may be known as valentine.

It’s a day where you can spend each minute with the one you love by doing things that you love. So since I said I was going to be dedicating my whole blog for LOVE this month, I’ve been getting some comments on the pros and cons of the whole idea.


  • It’s fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day knowing that the whole world is celebrating it all together.
  • It is a day when you can forget about everything else that goes on in your life and just concentrate on that one person for you…
  • For some who have been in a really looooong relationship, men can be forgetful and careless sometimes, this is a day to make them remember and do something nice.
  • It can let you know exactly where you are in the relationship. Example: If you and your partner are having problems and Valentine’s Day comes, if he/she takes time to show you how much they love you regardless of the troubles, you know that he/she is a keeper. If they are careless about the V-day coming up, then that problem most likely won’t be solved and its time to move on.


  • Some men feel that they can show affection and love to their ladies anytime, and that they don’t need to be reminded.
  • The money that comes out is just crazy. (Well, for the flower market, it’s awesome but for the rest of us…. recession is the word?)
  • Sometimes it can also be extortion… a meal that was once 50 birr would probably be around 100 birr or so on this particular day.
  • For the singles: Obviously it’s a harsh reminder of how lonely they are. The whole Valentine’s Day hype is just all over the place:- T.V., Internet, and all over billboards… They are bombarded with images of two people  kissing with red, fat hearts dancing all around

WARNING: Watch Out for Valentine’s Day Hunters

Yes. They are out there.

Yes. They are out to get you.

Apparently, these wild hunters come out around Valentine’s Day looking for fresh meat. They show love and affection; they’re always there when you need them and provide everything. So on valentine’s day, you are forced to do things with them that you are probably not up for, and after that, they’re gone before you can say WTF?!?!?!?!

So if you meet someone around Valentine’s Day who is too smooth, they’re a hunter.

If they are saying the right words and sweeping you off your feet, Definitely a hunter.

If they pressure you about Valentine’s Day and how it’s going to be perfect and all…. well, you know what it is…

What do you say?

Comment away…

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