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The Perfect Man! (Scratch ‘an’, replace with ‘e’)

The Perfect Man:

  • Tall (-er than me at least)
  • Light-ish
  • Muscular
  • Caring
  • Cooks, sometimes


  • Be honest to me
  • Not flirt with anyone, harmless or what not
  • Live in Ethiopia (eventually)
  • Be open minded

….and the list goes on and, on. We all have this thing set in our minds about how our perfect “mate” should be and how they should act. Everyone has it, whether you are a woman seeking a man or a man seeking a woman, we all know exactly what we want.

The question is: how are we going to be for that person? How does my perfect man wants me act, how I should be, how I should look?

A friend brought this up to me today and I was instantly hooked. I have never really thought about the kind of woman I would be to “him”. I’ve thought about what kind of woman I’m going to be for myself…. but not as far as what kind of wife I’d be.

In this world, and mainly in Ethiopia, we are somehow “stuck” (I really don’t want to use that word but I think I have to) in some kind of norm.

  • The woman should always be in the kitchen
  • Man should be the provider

Blah blah blah…

I believe that we can seriously play any role now-a-days, right? Now-a-days where we are all considered equal, we can do whatever we want. So, I’ve been doing some thinking of the kind of woman I want to be to “him”, and came up with this. (for now)

The Perfect Me:

  • Healthy
  • Wealthy
  • Independent
  • Cooks, all the time
  • Make bed/do laundry, all the time (not the traditional way but thank humans for their super duper washing machines. 😉 )


  • Always be there when needed
  • Not nag/be too clingy
  • Fulfill all needs
  • Trust completely

Of course, my list goes on and on as well. Being perfect is not a necessity; as there is no such thing as perfect, but I’d like to come close to it as possible.

Love, I believe, is when you get so close to a person that you feel so comfortable with everything and your insecurities vanish. So, if not insecure, why be jealous? If not jealous, why nag/cling? righhht?

As life goes on, I learn more and more everyday. This time, I learned that if someone says that they love you and they are with you, it’s because they want to. Do not keep nagging daily saying, “but, why me?” I’ve learned (the hard way) that this just drives them away.

So learning this brings change in me, ultimately, adds to my list of “The Perfect Me”.


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Man! (Scratch ‘an’, replace with ‘e’)

  1. That is so true! We spend so much time wondering why someone loves us…that we often miss out on just enjoying the love.

    If we are happy with ourselves…who are we not to be loved, right?

  2. I don’t understand why you would want to cook all the time?, I don’t mind if my wife cooked all the time or not, but maybe once a week would be really awesome. I would love it if she had a job, not because we need her to work, as in we need the money, but because she enjoys it. Would be better if it was a morning job when the kids are at school, so say from 8 to 1 or 2. Has her own opinion, I don’t want her to agree with me on everything, I would love it if she would contribute to a discussion we are having with her own opinions. Definitely hate a woman that nags, its ok to have small quarrels and arguments but if she starts to nag me I will just leave the house (until she calms of course).
    The cleaning, making the bed, doing the laundry stuff is not important to me. Actually why is she supposed to do that, if we can afford a maid? Its tiring work and why would anyone want his wife to do labour work. Washing machines and dish washers, definitely a must.
    People will tell you that her looks are not important as long as she has a good personality, thats BS, no body hates to have a good looking wife, for me I want her to be elegant, kind of controlling(KIND OF) she should have a personality, says what is in her mind, sociable, doesn’t look down on people, educated, open to other cultures, accepts what Allah has decided for her and smells good 😉
    And there are of course all the other universally accepted and agreed on qualities like, trust, faithfulness, love, ……..

    and the want kind of person my wife would want me to be question is very interesting, I will start thinking about me. But how would you know how your perfect man wants you to be like? unless you are married of course
    BTW I really love your posts.

  3. I know this is super late, but I was reading it again. So I figured ( the hard way) that having a list of things a potential spouse should do or have makes it more difficult to fine “the one”. Although I am not say to settle for less that you deserve, but be more lenient. Respect, love and happiness should be the criteria. what do u think?

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