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Man: *Opens Door* “Ladies First”.

I honestly don’t remember the person who told me this story, but if you’re reading this, comment and tell me it was you. 🙂

Apparently, the phrase, “ladies first” came about along time ago when a man and a woman were madly in love. Like most love stories, their respective families were not happy with their relationship. They always told them to stay away from each other but they didn’t. Finally, they both decided that they’d rather die that be away from each other. They told their families and they went to the top of a cliff to commit suicide. As they reached the tip of the cliff, their families ran up behind them trying to convince them that it wasn’t worth dying for. They didn’t listen.

When the woman was about to jump, her man held her back.

“Let me go first.” He told her. “I can’t watch you die.”

With that, he took the leap.

The woman stood there and watched as he died. She was about to jump after him. But, her family behind her kept on telling her that this was not worth it and that she shouldn’t give away her life to a man. She thought about it and finally decided to turn back and go to her family.

So, ever since then, all men across the globe refuse to go first and then came the phrase “Ladies first”.

[Not an officially true story. Just a funny one 😉 ]

Now we all know the old times and sometimes here in Addis that women are seen below men. So every time, women feel the need to work twice as hard to be considered equal to men. We fought for years and years to be where we are now. Laws were passed all over the world and even in the UN, whenever applying for a job, it tells you that there is no discrimination and women and men are considered equally. This is what women fight for everyday.

Ok. Now. Lets have a man and a woman for instance. He calls her, make her feel good blah blah blah, and finally ask her out to dinner. She accepts happily and gets ready for Friday night. He picks her up around, lets say, 7pm-ish?

He drives her to her favorite restaurant, Avanti, and then he walks in. The next thing you know, she’s mad because he didn’t hold the door for her. OoOo


[…]      I hate it when a guy, doesn’t get the door

Even though I told him yesterday and the day before,

I hate it when a guy, doesn’t get the tab

And I have to pull my money out and that looks bad.

[…] Avril Lavigne- The best damn thing

So, what’s going on here?

Are we trying to be equal with men or ahead?

I believe that we are all born equal and we are equal till we die. Mostly I don’t like it when they say, “Ladies first” [out loud] and I also don’t mind it when they walk in front of me (Not that I mind when they hold the doors). Because I  believe that the whole “ladies first” thing is just a sign of respect from a man to his lady. So I kind of think that the whole “men don’t give us enough respect” thing is a little outdated.

Disagree? Simply vote; if neither apply to you, comment away. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Man: *Opens Door* “Ladies First”.

  1. You might see it that way, but it could also be because they’re trying to make up for all those years that they screwed us over… I mean we want to be equal to men but we don’t want them to change their “i don’t hit women” rule either do we?

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