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Idea Generation

I was reading my friend Eweket’s blog about “Who is the owner of your idea?” and it got me thinking… who is the owner of mine?

If you have read any of my blogs, mostly you’d see where I say, “I was talking to a friend….” Or “A friend once told me…” So mostly, ideas come to me but they’re usually inspired by one sentence or a phrase that a friend says. Basically, I give credit to all the people around me to help me and inspire me to write more.

Usually when I start writing, I start specifically. When I realize that it might be short to just write about that specific one, I make it bigger, and wider. All of my blogs here are extension of my original plan.


In one of my blogs, “Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time for change”, first of all, I was going to name it Dirty City and only talk about the negatives. I was writing it with my mother sitting besides me and I was telling her about it. She finally warned me, “Someone better not come after you for calling Addis Ababa dirty.” She also told me that Ethiopia is also growing so I should just stick to one perspective. So, I decided to add all that and it actually became a lot more than I had originally planned.

Another blog is “The harari community”. This one, I was talking with my best friend about hijab and what it was becoming now-a-days. We had a long conversation and I told her that I was going to write about it. She really encouraged me and Hijab was going to be the title and that was the focal point. Then, somehow it just got bigger and bigger when I thought about that guy who talked ish about me.  🙂

So basically, you are the owner of my ideas.

Know that you are always welcome to speak your mind and comment on all of my blogs, anytime.

Constructive criticism is always advised. Let me know what you think.


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