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Out with the old, In with the new. It’s time for change

One would say Ethiopia is developing in many areas. Probably, every street you pass has at least some kind of construction going on. Buildings, streets, and everything you can think of is happening here. A new store, restaurant or a bar opens almost daily. Yes, I agree; Ethiopia is growing rapidly.

We, Ethiopians, are being recognized for what we have been doing; for single-handedly putting Ethiopia on the map. We are one of the only 2 countries who have not been colonized in the whole Africa. Reference

Think about where Ethiopia would be right now if we were colonized by the Italians. We would have probably been predominantly Italian speakers, (which I think would have been cool) but also; we would have developed a lot faster. But I give Ethiopians a lot of credit for doing what we have done all by ourselves. We’ve gone really far, for a country that’s considered the 3rd poorest countries in the world.

However, some things never change.

Trashing Addis

Photocred: Sukersays //Autobistera

I bet you that you cannot go through a single street without seeing garbage all over. But you do see two or three men pushing around huge garbage bins. These people are doing their job cleaning and collecting garbage from every street and neighborhood. Why don’t we do our job and put garbage in the trash? This is one simple thing that would have a lot of difference in the image of Ethiopia. Think about what we can accomplish if every single person in Ethiopia did their part. Next time you throw candy wrapper or some kind of plastic on the ground, remember that it’s going to take that plastic 20+ years to melt and go back to its liquid form. This is the plastic that is in all the sewer pipes blocking passage. And every time it rains, it’s these sewer pipes that get too full and the streets get flooded. Consequently, no one can cross the streets because the water is all up to our ankles and our shoes and socks get wet and our feet are cold. So, don’t just think about doing this for others, think about doing this for you, your family, and your kids’ future home.

#1’s and #2’s

I heard once on the radio that Ethiopia is amongst the top 5 countries in the world where you’d see people peeing on the streets. This has been the Ethiopian way of life for as long as I can remember. People here aren’t just peeing, THEY’RE DOING THEIR #2’S!!! I mean, come on; have some decency. I’ve definitely seen people doing that on MY street! How do you walk out from your home, and do something like that somewhere else? This does not discriminate anyone; I’ve seen men, women, young, old, Muslims, Christians, etc. And the most disgusting thing is, they pee, and then, turn around and touch their eyes and poke their nose. This is becoming more of a social thing. There is a nasty gutter in the heart of Autobistera, where there is a cross street; one leading to sebategna, one leading to Mesalemya, one to shewa dabo and one to Michael church. (I just wanted to get you to visualize the place if you’ve ever been that route. 🙂 ) So at this gutter, 4-5 men make a circle around it and just start peeing! I mean, just imagine the traffic around there and how many people would be watching. Not to mention, there’s a cop standing not 10 feet away from them, but of course, he thinks it’s normal too. So next time you shake someone’s hand, think about where their hands were… :-/

So please, let’s keep our developing, beautiful county’s name and image clean.

Let’s do our part.


8 thoughts on “Out with the old, In with the new. It’s time for change

  1. I know the atobistera spot. I pass by every morning. and it gets even more disgusting if u pass around the time where the sun is out bedenb. the whole neighborhood stinks. this are real issues that need to be addressed by the whole nation. good one yene konjo

  2. Nice one, I know the crossroads you’re talking about and I can just picture the scene 🙂 On a different note, I could’ve sworn it took longer than 20 years for plastic to disintegrate. I think I read somewhere that no one really knows for sure how long it takes for plastic to disappear.

    The plastic issue is a big problem around the world.

    When I was in Bombay for a year, the church I went to organized a trip and we went to some of the hills and waterfalls south of the city and picked up all the plastic bottles that people had left there. We came back with 5 or 6 full sacks and there was still plenty left.

    A practical way to reduce some of the plastic use is to go back to what our parents used to do when they went shopping for supplies – take a shopping bag with you. Then you don’t have to take a small plastic bag from every shop every time you buy something. You just put it into your big shopping bag. And you can use it again and again for many many years. If everyone household did that, I think it would cut down a lot of plastic bag use.

    My 2 cents 🙂 Enjoyed the post.

  3. Peeing on the streets, definitely disgusting, but can you blame them? some of these people live in the streets, where do you suggest they go and pee? maybe the gov should install portable toilets on the streets, but I really don’t blame of the guys.

    1. well, that’s completely true. I finally understand them. What if they really really really have to pee? lol Some people have bladder issues and there definitely needs to be portable toilets. On a recent study on Fortune Newspaper, they said out of 80 million people living in Ethiopia, 68 million people don’t have toilet facilities. See…

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