I love writing. It’s been my favorite way of expressing myself ever since I was in high school. I took a creative writing class, which was amazing, and it also helped me develop my skills more. I’ll post some of my works from creative writing class one day. 😉


I also read a lot. I used to read a lot of fiction novels but now, people keep borrow my book and never returning them so I’m only left with a few in my house and I don’t read those much. But my favorite thing is to read magazines.I used to read a lot of celebrity magazines when I used to live in New York but now, I read more of Ethiopian Magazines like Addis Life and Zoma Magazine. They’re the new-all English-magazines in Ethiopia and they have a lot to offer to us, from culture and fashion to the daily Ethiopian life and upcoming events. Another one that I enjoy is What’s Out! Addis. It’s very small, unlike other magazines, but filled with very useful and creative information.


Now, this on the other hand is my new favorite things to do. Usually, whatever I wrote stayed between me and my diary, or later on, my laptop. One very insightful day changed it all.

I went to Dakar, Senegal this past December for a training and had the best experience ever. But the first day I got there, I was almost ready to cry. I couldn’t sleep after about 5am so I got up and started writing on my laptop. I just let everything on that day, from my-now famous-mosquito bite on my nose, to the food and sleeping condition, I let it all out. When I was done, I saw that I had actually written A LOT! I was initially going to send it as an email to my sisters, when my best friend asked me one question on facebook, “So, how’s Dakar so far?”

How is Dakar, you ask? I’ll tell you how it is!I posted it as a note on facebook and got numerous responses. They “oooo’ed” and “awww’ed” and I was instantly inspired. I decided to write my daily activities and how everything was going on my trip.

Shortly after I got back from Dakar, I wrote a couple of other notes on facebook to keep people interested on my writings. One thing led to another and I met Markos, who has been a dear friend ever since. He introduced me to wordpress where I am now logged on-on a daily basis-trying to keep my pages fresh and learning now to use the tools.  Since I’m still new here, I keep changing up the Theme and the look of my page and I’m probably going to keep doing that till I find a very comfortable one. In the mean time, I will keep writing on whatever is on my mind and make sure to keep it interesting.


4 thoughts on “Bloggerookie

  1. Thanks! one thing, it is absolutely common to change the look of your blog. I did that a couple of times already and now i am comfortable with the look. But I never posted videos and lots of pictures. I guess, i might change my theme if i decide to include other media.

    I learned that the most important thing in Blog is content generation .. it doesn’t matter how you present it!

    P.S: I introduced you to WordPress. Nothing more. It is your call.. it is your idea; your writing; your articles; your blog!

    Keep it up!!

  2. Thanks M! You know, I think I’m kind of comfortable with the look of my page now. The old one had too many bright colors and the fonts were too big. I think this is just right. Also, I don’t think its necessary to change your theme to include pictures. you can do whatever you want, I think. 😉

    And, I want to thank you again for everything! I think I’m really getting the hang of things around here now. 🙂

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