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“Wefersh!” “You Got FAT!”

Ok, this is one thing I hear way too much now. I’m not just talking about me right here, I’m representing 99% of the women. 😉
Addis Ababa is such a small town. It seems so big but the truth of the matter is, whoever you meet probably knows someone you’re friends with. Therefore, you’re bound to bump into a person mostly 2-3 times a week around town.
Sometimes though, everyone gets so caught up with their own business that some people disappear like they’re out on a vacation or something.
So a word was instantly discovered. (Somewhat lol) “Tefash”-for a woman, or “tefah”-for a man (which exactly means “you’ve been lost”) is a word that was used a lot between people who haven’t seen each other in a while. It had become more like a conversation starter than anything else. You say “tefash” and I’d say “no, I’ve been doing this and that” and we would continue with the rest of the conversation. This was a great word, harmless and safe.
So what’s the need for “wefersh”? “Wefersh”- for a woman, or “weferk”-for a man (exactly meaning “you got fat”) has almost completely replaced “tefash”. This word mainly applies for women as they are more emotional and take this word very seriously.
I’ve always wanted to know though, are you trying to insult me? Are you trying to tell me in some way that I look ugly? Or do you care about me that much that you are concerned for my health? I doubt that. Even if that’s the case, you don’t have to say this to me while announcing it to the world; tell me privately, maybe then I’ll take you more seriously. Telling me this in front of a crowd of people we’re with, is as insulting to me as it is to the skinniest girl on the planet. I especially take it offensively when it comes from a man; some women get immunity, although a lot don’t. A man is supposed to take any woman as she is despite her looks. This also brings about another great saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!”


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